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09/07/2011 11:23pm (UTC)[quote]
When I was in my 'formative ' years, a few years past puberty, there was a Tamil man called Arul who did odd jobs for the households in my area. He had a rough & tough but pleasant personality which served him well as a popular laborer among the housewives in the community.

He must have been in his 40's, tall and handsome for his age. He would smell of alcohol whenever he came to our home to do a job. I found that obnoxious.

There were pigeons nesting in the eves of our roof and a few of the nests had fallen onto the floor upstairs, causing mess and smell. Arul was called to clean it up and do something about the pigeons. When Arul arrived on his bicycle, mom told me to show him the room upstairs.

Arul wore a sarong and shirt. He took off the shirt, folded up the sarong to set to work. I stood behind, looking up at the commotion among the pigeons.

I can't remember what came over me, I wondered if Arul wore underwear beneath the sarong. I felt very guilty at that thought and turned my face away from him in embarrassment.

Turning away made the curiosity even bigger and I struggled to fight it. Since I was standing behind Arul I felt it would be safe to take a look, even if it was fleeting glance. So, I looked, overcoming my shame and as I had wished, he stooped down to scoop the debri.

What I saw was not only a revelation but also a heart-stopper. As I had imagined (and hoped), Arul didn't have an underwear on. He had low hanging balls that showed blow the edge of the sarong. It was not only a discovery for my boyhood growing up but an experience in stealing glances at an older man's privates as well.

Eyes open wide and heart pumping rapidly, I feasted my eyes upon the dangling balls as he moved to scoop, still bent down, legs apart and giving me an unobtrusive view of his mandom.

To this day the memory of that first experience runs through my mind once in a blue moon, still giving me the pleasurable shivers.
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09/25/2011 6:49am (UTC)[quote]
Nice Story!
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12/14/2011 1:17am (UTC)[quote]
gr8 story dude, i also hv that kind of xprience, wow it's huge!!

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